ZHANG JieInorganic Chemistry, Associate Professor

Office Location: Room A8010, Chemistry Building, Department of Chemistry, Fudan University 2005 Songhu Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai 200438, China
Tel: 86-21-3124

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  • Synthesis, structure and reactivity of novel rare-earth organometallic complexes

  • Rare-earth metal complexes mediated or catalyzed organic function transformation reactions

  • Novel Carbon materials bonding with rare-earth organometallic units based on carbon clusters

  • 2002 Xie Xide Award from Fudan University

  • 2005 the Shanghai Advance in Science and Technology Third Award (The third gainer)

  • 1994.9-1998.6     East China University of Science and Technology, Bachelor

  • 1999. 9-2004.6    Fudan University, Doctor

  • 2004. 7-2008.10  Fudan University, lecturer

  • 2008. 11-             Fudan University, associate professor

  • Rare Earth Chemistry

  • Carbon Cluster Chemistry

    1.Weiyin Yi, Jie Zhang,*, Shujiang Huang, Linhong Weng and Xigeng Zhou*Reactivity of TpMe2SupportedYttriumAlkylComplexestoward Aromatic N-Heterocycles. Ring-Opening or Construction of C=C Double Bond Directed by CH ActivationChem. Eur. J.2014,20,867-876.

    2. Weiyin Yi, Jie Zhang,*, FangjunZhang,YinZhang,ZhenxiaChenandXigengZhou*VersatileReactivityofScorpionateAnchoredYttriumDialkyl Complexes towards Unsaturated SubstratesChem. Eur. J.2013, 19, 11975-119

    3. Weiyin Yi, Shujian Huang, Jie Zhang,* Zhenxia Chen and Xigeng Zhou*Reactivity of Scorpionate-Anchored Yttrium AlkylPrimaryAmido Complexes toward Carbodiimides. Insertion Selectivity of Y−NHAr and Y−CH2Ph BondsOrganometallics2013, 32, 5409-5415.

    4. Jie Zhang,* Weiyin Yi, Zhenxia Chen and Xigeng Zhou*Room temperature C–N bond cleavage ofanionicguanidinateligandinrare-earth metal complexesDalton Trans.2013, 42, 5826-5631.

    5. Weiyin Yi, Jie Zhang,*Zhenxia Chen,and Xigeng Zhou*MeSi Bond Cleavage of AnionicBis(trimethylsilyl)amideinScorpionateAnchored Rare Earth Metal ComplexesInorg. Chem.2012, 51, 10631-10638.

    6.WeiyinYi,JieZhang,*ZhenxiaChen,andXigengZhou*ReactivityofScorpionateAnchoredYttriumAlkylComplextowardOrganicNitrilesOrganometallics2012, 31, 7213-7221.

    7. Jie Zhang,* Zhengxing Zhang, Zhenxia Chen and Xigeng Zhou*Oxidation and coupling ofb-diketiminateligandinlanthanidecomplexes: Novel eight-nuclear lanthanide clusters with -, 3-Cl, and 4-O bridgeDalton Trans.2012, 41, 357-359.

    8. Jie Zhang,* Weiyin Yi, Zhengxing Zhang, Zhenxia Chen, and Xigeng Zhou*Facile Synthesis of Organolanthanide Hydrides with Metallic Potassium: Crystal Structures and ReactivityOrganometallics2011, 30, 4320-4324.

    9. Weiyin Yi, Jie Zhang,* Longcheng Hong, Zhenxia Chen, and XigengZhou*InsertionofIsocyanateandIsothiocyanateintotheLnP-Bond of Organolanthanide PhosphidesOrganometallics2011, 30, 5809-5814.

    10.Weiyin Yi,Jie Zhang,* Meng Li,Zhenxia Chen,and Xigeng Zhou*Synthesis, Structures,andReactivityofYttriumAlkylandAlkynylComplexes with Mixed TpMe2/Cp LigandsInorg. Chem.2011, 50, 11813-11824.

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