LIU YongmeiPhysical Chemistry, Associate Professor
Office Location: Room A2052, Chemistry Building, Department of Chemistry, Fudan University 2005 Songhu Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai 200438, China
Tel: 86-21-31249127

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    My research interests focus on the preparation of supported metal catalyst and their applications in new sustainable chemical processes.

  • 1994.9~1998.6, Shandong Normal University, B.Sc.

  • 1998.9~2001.6, East China Normal University, M.Sc.

  • 2004.7~2010.2, Fudan University, Lecture

  • 2008.4~2010.1, Hokkaido University, Postdoctoral fellowship

  • 2010.2~now, Fudan University, Associate professor

    《Experiment of Physical Chemistry》、《Chemistry and Human》、《Physical Chemistry》(Ш)。

  1. Shuang-Shuang Liu,  Xiang Liu,  Lei Yu, Yong-Mei Liu,*  He-Yong He, Yong Cao*, Gold supported on titania for specific monohydrogenation of dinitroaromatics in the liquid phase,Hide Affiliations  *Corresponding authors Shanghai Key Laboratory of Molecular Catalysis and Innovative Materials, Department of Chemistry, Fudan University, Shanghai 200433, P. R. China E-mail:,; Fax: (+86-21) 65643774 Green Chem., 2014, 16, 4162-4169

  2. Xiang Liu, Lin He, Yong-Mei Liu, Yong Cao*, Supported Gold Catalysis: From Small Molecule Activation to Green Chemical Synthesis, Accounts of Chem. Research, 47, 793-804, 2014.

  3. Shu-Shuang Li, Xiang Liu, Yong-Mei Liu*, He-Yong He, Kang-Nian Fan, Yong Cao*,Efficient and exceptionally selective semireduction of alkynes using a supported gold catalyst under a CO atmosphere, Chem. Commun.,50, 5626-5628, 2014.

  4. Jia-Ling Wu, Miao Chen, Yong-Mei Liu,* Yong Cao,* He-Yong He, Kang-Nian Fan, Sucrose-templated mesoporous beta-Ga2O3 as a novel efficient catalyst for dehydrogenation of propane in the presence of CO2 , Catal. Commun. 2013, 30, 61-65.

  5. Qing Yuan Bi, Xian Long Du, Yong Mei Liu, Yong Cao*, He Yong He, Kang Nian Fan, Efficient Subnanometric Gold-Catalyzed Hydrogen Generation via Formic Acid Decomposition under Ambient ConditionsJ. Am. Chem. Soc., 2012, 134, 8926-8933.

  6. Yong Mei Liu, Lin He, Miao Miao Wang,  Yong Cao*, He Yong He, Knag Nian Fan, A General and Efficient Heterogeneous Gold-Catalyzed Hydration of Nitriles in Neat Water under Mild Atmospheric Conditions, ChemSusChem. 2012, 5, 1392-1396.

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  9. Yong Mei Liu, Hironori Tsunoyama, Tomoki Akita, Song Hai Xie, Tatsuya Tsukuda*, Aerobic Oxidation of Cyclohexane Catalyzed by Size-Controlled Au Clusters on Hydroxyapatite: Size Effect in the Sub-2 nm Regime, ACS Catal., 2011, 1, 2-6.

  10. Yong Mei Liu*, Song Hai Xie, He Yong He, Yong Cao*, Synthesis of Novel Cage-Like Mesoporous Vanadosilicate and Its Efficient Performance for Oxidation Dehydrogenation of Propane, J Phys. Chem. C, 2010, 114, 5941-5946.

  11. Yong Mei Liu, Hironori Tsunoyama, Tomoki Akita, Tatsuya Tsukuda*, Efficient and selective epoxidation of styrene with TBHP catalyzed by Au-25 clusters on hydroxyapatite, Chem. Commun., 2010, 46, 550-552.

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