LU HaojieAnalytical Chemistry, Professor

Office Location: Room 311 Mingdao building, 131 Dong'an Rd
Tel: 86-21-54237618

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    • Novel mass spectrometric technologies for separation and identification of low-abundance proteins and post-translational proteins

    • Novel mass spectrometric technologies for relative and absolute quantification of proteome

    • Novel mass spectrometric technologies for profiling of biomarker for disease tissue

    • 2005 Winner of the first prize of Education Ministry of Natural Science Prize nomination (fourth)

    • 2005 Winner the Century Star from Fudan University(comprehensive)

    • 2006 Winner of Education Ministry's New Century Excellent Talents Supporting Plan

    • 2006 Sponsored by Shanghai Rising-Star Program

    • 2008 Sponsored by Shanghai Shuguang scholars Fund

    • 2008 Obtained the Meiji dairy life science Excellence Award

    • 2009 Winner of Young chemist Award from China Chemical Society

    • 2009 Awarded as the university distinguished professor of Shanghai (Eastern Scholar)

    • 2010 Supported by The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars

    • 2013 Awarded the Eastern Scholar tracking program

    • 1992.09-1996.07 Xiamen University obtained a Bachelor's degree

    • 1996.09-2001.07 Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, obtained Ph.D

    • 2001.09-2003.07 Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Science, postdoctoral

    • 2003.09-present Department of Chemistry and Institutes of Biomedical Sciences, Fudan University, assistant professor, associate professor and professor

    • 2006.09-2007.09 School of Medicine at  University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA),  visiting scholar

    • Analytical chemistry、New technology and new method of proteomics

    1. Yang Lijun, Sun Zhenyu, Zhang Lei, Cai Yan, Peng Ye, Cao Ting, Zhang Ying* and Lu Haojie*, Chemical labeling for fine mapping of IgG N-glycosylation by ETD-MS.Chem Sci, 2019, 10(40): 9302-9307

    2. Zhang Siwen, Fang Caiyun, Yuan Wenjuan, Zhang Ying, Yan Guoquan, Zhang Lei, Di Yi, Cai Yan and Lu Haojie*, Selective identification and site-specific quantification of 4-Hydroxy-2-nonenal-modified proteins. Anal Chem, 2019, 91(8): 5235-5243

    3. Di Yi, Zhang Lei, Zhang Ying, Zhao Huanhuan, Yan Guoquan, Yao Jun, Zhang Shu and Lu Haojie*, MdCDPM: A mass defect-based chemical-directed proteomics method for targeted analysis of intact sialylglycopeptides. Anal Chem, 2019, 91(15): 9986-9992

    4. Cao Ting, Lv Jing, Zhang Lei, Yan Guoquan, and Lu Haojie*, Selective enrichment and quantification of n‑terminal glycine peptides via Sortase A mediated ligation.Anal Chem, 2018, 90(24): 14303−14308

    5. Di Yi, Zhang Ying, Zhang Lei, Tao Tao, Lu Haojie* MdFDIA: A mass defect based four-plex data-independent acquisition strategy for proteome quantification. Anal Chem, 2017, 89(19): 10248–10255

    6. Yuan Wenjuan, Zhang Ying, Xiong Yun, Tao Tao, Wang Yi, Yao Jun, Zhang Lei, Yan Guoquan, Bao Huimin, Lu Haojie*. Highly selective and large scale mass spectrometric analysis of 4-Hydroxynonenal modification via fluorous derivatization and fluorous solid-phase extraction. Analy Chem, 2017, 89(5): 3093-3100

    7. Xiong Yun, Zhang Ying, Yao Jun, Yan Guoquan, Lu Haojie*. Direct digestion of living cells via a gel-based strategy for mass spectrometric analysis.Chem Commun, 2017, 53(8): 1421-1424

    8. Zhang Ying, Zhang Cheng, Jiang Hucong, Yang Pengyuan,  Lu Haojie *. Fishing the PTM proteome with chemical approaches using functional solid phases. Chem Soc Rev, 2015, 44(22): 8260-8287

    9. Liu Minbo, Fang Caiyun, Pan Xiuwen, Jiang Hucong, Zhang Lijuan, Zhang Lei, Zhang Ying, Yang Pengyuan, Lu Haojie *. Positive enrichment of C-terminal peptides using oxazolone chemistry and biotinylation. Anal Chem2015, 87(19): 9916-9922

    10. Ma Wanfu, Zhang Ying, Li Lulu, You Lijun, Zhang Peng, Zhang Yuting, Li Jumei, Yu Meng, Guo Jia, Lu Haojie *, Wang Changchun*. Tailor-made magnetic Fe3O4@mTiO2 microspheres with a tunable mesoporous anatase shell for highly selective and effective enrichment of phosphopeptides. ACS Nano2012, 6(4):3179-3188

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