WANG WenningChemical Biology, Professor
Office Location: Room A3020, Chemistry Building, Department of Chemistry, Fudan University 2005 Songhu Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai 200438, China
Tel: 86-21-31243985
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    • Computational biology and structural biology

    • Molecular simulation of conformational changes of membrane proteins

    • The structure and function of proteins related with signal transduction and cell polarity

    • Croucher Foundation Fellowship for Mainland Scholar

    • Shuguang scholarship, Shanghai Education Foundation

    • 1986.9-1990.7    B. Sc., Department of Chemistry, Fudan University

    • 1990.9-1995.12  Ph. D., Department of Chemistry, Fudan University

    • 1995.12-1996.3  Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute of Molecular Science, Japan

    • 1996.4-2000.4    Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, Fudan University

    • 2000.4-2005.4    Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, Fudan University

    • 2005.4-              Professor, Department of Chemistry, Fudan University

    • 2008.5-              Joint PI, Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Fudan University

    • “Introduction to Spectroscopy”

    • “Topics in Modern Chemistry”

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