LIN YanghuiInorganic Chemistry, Associate Professor
Office Location:Yuanchengying building, Fudan University 220 Handan Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai 200433, China

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  • Carbon tubes, fullerene and organometallic

  • Three prize of Shanghai science and Technology Award in 2007

  • PhD in 2000 from Fudan University;

  • an associate professor in the Chemistry Department of Fudan University now.

    Inorganic Chemistry, Solid Chemistry, Organic Chemistry lab

  1. Lanthanide-catalyzed cyclocarbonylation and cyclothiocarbonylation:a facile synthesis of benzannulated 1,3-diheteroatom five- and six-membered heterocycles, Science China Chemistry,57(8),(2014) 1117.

  2. A simple and practical catalytic electron transfer system composed of TiCl4 and metallic Yb:application in carbonyl olefination and insight into the mechanism, Organic Chemistry Frontiers, (2014)1929.

  3. Pd–CNT-catalyzed ligandless and additive-free heterogeneous Suzuki–Miyaura cross-coupling of arylbromides, Tetrahedron Letters, 50(2009)4455.

  4. Functionalization of multiwalled carbon nanotubes with polystyrene under atom transfer radical polymerization conditions; Carbon 45(2007)152.

  5. Monodispersed fullerene derivatives introduced into the channels of mesoporous silica via chemical bond interactions, Bulletin of Chemistry Society of Japan, 2007, 80(5), 5994-5998.; Bulletin of Chemistry Society of Japan, 80(2007)5994

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