Campus Life
2017 Fudan Doctoral Forum

   2017 FudanDoctoral Forum-Chemistry Section was held in the hall of Laboratory of Advanced Materials (LAM), Jiangwan Campus, Fudan University on 5th November, 2017, which was co-sponsored by Graduate School, Graduate Student Affairs Department and Department of Chemistry. After a three-month preparation,  the theme was locked as “new link and new idea; more concise and more convenient, greener chemistry and better world”, 8 oral reports and 14 wall papers were selected among the 35 essay collections, covering 7 research directions including analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, electrochemistry, catalytic chemistry, surface chemistry, laser chemistry and organic chemistry.

    The opening ceremony was held successfully in the morning, where about 150 participants, including Dean of theDepartment of Chemistry Prof. He Heyong, secretary of the Party committee Prof. Tang Xiaolin and vice Secretary Wang Jing. Prof. He gave the opening speech for the Forum.

    After the opening ceremony, Prof. Zhang Fan and Prof. Feng Weigave the keynote lectures. Following these two keynotes  were four PhD candidates giving work presentations: Zhang Wei, Guo Zhaowei, Wang Biwei and Liuyao, who each made  oral speeches, upon which Prof. Li Qiaowei, Prof. Wang Yonggang, Prof. Zhang Lixin and Prof. Li Xiaoming commented respectively and encouraged other students to learn from their research experiences  and make academic breakthroughs.

    In the afternoon, Dr. Robert Wittenbrink, director of global R&D from Exxon Mobil gave a report on “Research in China”. After the report, Dr. Wittenbrink was surrounded by students who wonder how they can center on the target during the research. He answered their questions patiently, which broaden thehorizons of the students. Then, Prof. Feng Wei went on to give an invited report “Biological Imaging and Detection Application of Up Conversion Luminescent Nanomaterials”, from which students were able to get a better understanding of research hotspot so that they know from different ways how chemistry changes our lives.

    While the audience was immersed in lectures, poster presentations were given at the same time, among which 5 distinguished wall papers were voted out of 14 wall papers. Students participated in the event all spoke highly of the Forum, meanwhile expressing their expectation to widen the vision and to have work directed by experts and co-workers for further research through this event.

    Based on the reviewers’ comments, Zhang Wei and Li Tongtao were awarded the first prize for oral reports, while Guo Zhaowei, Zhu Mingming and Shi Zhangping won the second prize and Wang Biwei, Liu Yao and Li Chao got the third prize respectively. Prof. Sun Zhengzong, Prof. Li Xiaoming, Prof. Zhang Liming and Prof. Fang Huayi award them the prize and enthusiastically encouraged them to work harder and go further in the research journey.

    For the closing ceremony, Vice Secretary Wang Jing made an ending speech for the Forum. He did sincerely appreciate the great support not only from Graduate School and Graduate work department, but also thank professors from Department of Chemistry for their guidance. Moreover, he noted that it was the active participation of graduate students especially Ph.D students along with efforts by Graduate Students Union that created such a fantastic academic atmosphere and great improvement of scientific res