Campus Life
The 2nd Chemistry Carnival bombed at Fudan University

    On December 10th, 2017, the second Chemistry Carnival at Fudan University was successfully held at Leo KoGuan Building, Jiangwan Campus. The Carnival is a non-profit science event hosted by Department of Chemistry each year aiming to spread the knowledge of chemistry in life, enhance the scientific literacy of citizens, and develop teenagers’ interest in science . This year, it consists of three themed activities: ‘Chemistry and Life Sciences’, ‘Quiz of Chemical Knowledge in Life’ and ‘Fun Chemistry Experiment Show’.The event received strong support from various departments in Fudan University including Academic Affairs Office, Student Affairs Department, Jiangwan Campus Administrative Committee, and most importantly the great efforts of teachers and students of the Department of Chemistry.


    The Carnival started with the inspiring scientific lectures on chemistry presented by Professor Liu Danchu and Professor Yao Zipeng from Department of Chemistry, followed by fourteen carefully revised fun experiments designed by students under the supervision of several teachers. On the day of the event, a total of 112 student volunteers from Department of Chemistry and other natural science-related majors participated in the Carnival service and served more than a thousand teenagers and parents.


    These very safe and interestingchemistry experiments immediately caught everyone's attention in the carnival Children’s desire for knowledge and their curiosity toward the essense of chemistry are greatly developed through the learning-playing process. The Carnival then ended successfully with a happy memory of everyone.