LIU QianInorganic Chemistry, PI

Office Location:A6014 Chemistry Building, Department of Chemistry, Fudan University 2005 Songhu Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai 200438, China

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  • Single particle imaging

  • Single molecule imaging

  • Super-resolution imaging

  • Advanced drug delivery system

  • 2015, The Excellent Doctoral Dissertation of Shanghai Municipality

  • 2013, Shanghai outstanding graduates

  • 2012, Tang Aoqing Chemistry Scholarship

  • 2011, Dow Sustainability Innovation Student Challenge Award

  • 2008, Chongqing outstanding graduates

  • 2004.09-2008.07BSc, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Southwest University, China

  • 2008.09-2013.07.    PhD, Department of Chemistry, Fudan University, Shanghai, China

  • 2013.08-2017.02    Postdoc. Harvard Medical School and MIT, Boston, USA

  • 2017.03-2018.07    Postdoc. Stanford University, Stanford, USA

  • 2018.08-2019.04    Research Associate, Stanford University, Stanford, USA

  • 2019.05-           PI, Department of Chemistry, Fudan University

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(†listed as co-first author)

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