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    Nano Materials Science杂志,青年编委

  • 2015-2018    复旦大学化学系,博士

  • 2018-2021    新加坡国立大学电子与计算机工程系,博后

  • 2022-至今    复旦大学化学系,青年研究员

  1. W. Han, J. Ning, Y. Long, J. Qiu, W. Jiang, Y. Wang, L. A. Shah, D. Yang, A. Dong*, T. Li*. Unlocking the ultrahigh-current-density hydrogen evolution on 2H-MoS2 via simultaneous structural control across seven orders of magnitude, Advanced Energy Materials, 2023, 13, 2300145.

  2. X. Huang, J. Huang, J. Yang, D. Yang*, T. Li*, A. Dong*. High-yield exfoliation of large mXene with flake sizes over 10 μm using edge-anchored carbon nanotubes, Advanced Functional Materials, 2023. 2303003.

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  4. S. Wan, X. Xi, H. Zhang, J. Ning, Z. Zheng, Z. Zhang, Y. Long, Y. Deng, P. Fan, D. Yang, T. Li*, A. Dong*. Shape-mediated oriented assembly of concave nanoparticles under cylindrical confinement, ACS Nano, 2022, 16, 21315.

  5. Y. Deng, Y. Cao, Y. Xia, X. Xi, Y. Wang, W. Jiang, D. Yang, A. Dong*, T. Li*. Self-templated synthesis of CoFeP@C cage-in-cage superlattices for enhanced electrocatalytic water splitting. Advanced Energy Materials, 2022. 12, 2202394.

  6. T. Li, K. H. Chan, T. Ding, X. Q. Wang, Y. Cheng, C. Zhang, W. Lu, G. Yilmaz, C. W. Qiu*, G. W. Ho*. Dynamic thermal trapping enables corss-species smart nanoparticle swarms. Science Advances, 2021, 7, eabe3184.

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