ZHENG GengfengInorganic Chemistry, Professor

Office Location: Room 420, Laboratory of Advanced Materials, Fudan University 2005 Songhu Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai 200438, China

Tel: 86-21-51630352

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  • Synthesis and self-assembly of low-dimensional semiconducting nanomaterials

  • Fabrication of nanodevices for solar energy conversion and lithium ion battery

  • Studies of hybrid nanomaterial-biomaterial interfaces for disease diagnosis and treatment

    Dr. Zheng was a recipient of the NSFC Grant for Excellent Young Scholars (2013), the Professorship of Special Appointment (Eastern Scholar) at Shanghai Institutions of Higher Learning (2012), the Chinese Ministry of Education New Century Excellent Talents (2011), the Shanghai Pujiang Talent (2010), the Northwestern University and NSF-NSEC Outstanding Researcher Award (2009), the American Academy of Nanomedicine Young Investigator Award (2006), the Materials Research Society Graduate Student Gold Award (2006), and Harvard University Distinction in Teaching (2004).

    Dr. Gengfeng Zheng obtained his B.Sc. degree in Chemistry in 2000 from Fudan University, and his Ph.D. degree in Chemistry in 2007 from Harvard University, USA, under the guidance of Prof. Charles M. Lieber. During 2007-2010, he was a postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Prof. Chad Mirkin at Northwestern University, USA. He became a professor of Chemistry at Fudan University in 2010.

    In charge of 3 undergraduate/graduate courses: “General Chemistry”, “Nanomaterials and Functional Devices”, and “Nanowire Devices”

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