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  • 2014年1月 至今                  复旦大学 副教授

  • 2011年8月 至 2014年1月    复旦大学 讲师

  • 2009年7月 到 2011年7月    复旦大学 博士后

  • 2004年9月 至 2009年6月    华南理工大学 获得 博士学位

  • 1999年9月 至 2003年6月     辽宁石油化工大学 获得 学士学位

  • 胶体化学

  1. Zheng Q.S., Yang F.L., Deng M.L, Ling, Y.,* Liu X.F., Chen Z.X., Wang Y.H., Weng L.H., Zhou Y.M.,* A Porous Metal−Organic Framework Constructed from Carboxylate−Pyrazolate Shared Heptanuclear Zinc Clusters: Synthesis, Gas Adsorption, and Guest-Dependent Luminescent Properties, Inorg. Chem. 2013, 52, 10368−10374.

  2. Yang F.L., Zheng Q.S., Chen Z.X., Ling, Y.,* Liu X.F., Weng L.H., Zhou Y.M.*, A three-dimensional structure built of paddle-wheel and triazolate-dinuclear metal clusters: synthesis, deformation and reformation of paddle-wheel unit in the single-crystal-to-single-crystal transformation, CrystEngComm, 2013, 15, 7031–7037.

  3. Xia B., Chen Z.X., Zheng Q.S., Zheng H., Deng M.L., Ling Y.,* Weng L.H., Zhou Y.M.,* A flexible porous metal–azolate framework constructed by [Cu3(µ3-OH)(µ2-O)(triazolate)2]+ building blocks: synthesis, reversible structural transformation and related magnetic properties, CrystEngComm, 2013, 15, 3484–3489.

  4. Ling Y., Deng M.L., Chen Z.X., Xia B., Liu X.F., Yang Y.T., Zhou Y.M.,* Weng L.H., Enhancing CO2 adsorption of a Zn-phosphonocarboxylate framework by pore space partitions, Chem. Commun., 2013, 49, 78-80.

  5. Ling Y., Yang F.L., Deng M.L., Chen Z.X., Liu X.F., Weng L.H., Zhou Y.M.,* Novel Iso-Reticular Zn(II) Metal-Organic Frameworks constructed by Trinuclear-Triangular and Paddle-Wheel Units: Synthesis, Structure and Gas Adsorption, Dalton Trans., 2012, 41, 4007-4011.

  6. Ling Y., Zhai F.P., Deng M.L., Wu D., Chen Z.X, Liu X.F., Zhou Y.M.,* Weng L.H. Solvothermal in-situ Synthesis of Cyanide-contained Ternary Silver(I) Coordination Polymers and their Phosphorescent Properties, CrystEngComm., 2012, 14, 1425-1431.

  7. Ling Y., Chen Z.X., Zhai F.P., Zhou Y.M.,* Weng L.H., Zhao D.Y.,* A zinc(II) metal-organic framework based on triazole and dicarboxlate ligands for selective adsorption of hexane isomers: synthesis, structure and adsorption property. Chem. Commun. 2011, 47, 7197–7199.

  8. Ling Y., Chen Z.X., Zheng H., Zhou Y.M.,* Weng L.H., Zhao D.Y. Two Novel Zinc(II) Metal-Organic Frameworks Based on Triazole-Carboxylate Shared Paddle-Wheel Units: Synthesis, Structure and Gas Adsorption, Cryst. Growth Des. 2011, 11, 2811–2816.

  9. Ling Y., Chen Z. X., Zhou Y.M.,* Weng L.H., Zhao D.Y.,* A novel green phosphorescent silver(I) coordination polymer with three-foldinterpenetrated CdSO4-type net generated via in-situ reaction, CrystEngComm, 2011, 13, 1504-1508.

  10. Ling Y., Liao, T.B., Chen Z.X., Zhou Y.M.,* Weng L.H., Systematic exploration of a rutile-type zinc(II)-phosphonocarboxylate open framework: the factors that influence the structure. Dalton Transaction 2010, 39, (44), 10712-10718.

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